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My son came up with a different way to show the locations from The Quiet Man movie and how to find them, by making a map of Cong village. Using film cameras to show the locations in the village of Cong and Ashford Castle Hotel grounds were some of the locations are situated. With a link from the map to the locations outside of Cong with directions on how to reach them, so this is what we have come up with, so why not stay a while and travel The Quiet Man Trail with us. Click on the cottage below to begin your  adventure.





duke the legend

Fans who build a tribute website to the legend John Wayne nearly always do his life story, but the people who visit these sites are mostly John Wayne fans and by now should know all there is to know about the legend John Wayne from websites and books. Hell I did one myself when I first built a tribute site, so I'm working on a page to tell you about this legend in a different way, a way that we all know about and love him for his movies. When you scroll down, Click the legend box.

my john wayne movie collection

As you all know they started with Video's then they brought out the Dvd and now its Bluray so I think I'll just stay with the dvd because I don't think they will ever get all of his movies on Bluray. So what's the point in starting to collect them because I have 152 of his movies on dvd. Its not just a list of my movies, there are also pictures from the movies as well so why not scroll down and  Click the box My                                                                      Collection of John Wayne  movies.

co-stars from the movies of john wayne

There are numerous Co-star's Character Actor's & Actress's in the movies of John Wayne to many to mention in this piece. So here is just a few of them, stuntman Charles Roberson said once that in one picture "He was beat up by Wayne, shot by him and still doubled for him all in the same movie". And who would have thought of Oliver Hardy turning up in the Wayne movie The Fighting Kentuckian as Willy Paine, also Gabby Hayes was in a few of his early westerns as his sidekick, but even he turned up as a villain in at least one of his movies. There were also the Carey family Harry, Harry jnr and Olive, Mae Marsh, his old friend Ward Bond. Jack Pennick appeared in a lot of his movies people who have visited my Co-Star's pages have E. Mailed me, saying it's nice to be able to put a name to a face now. So I hope you enjoy yourself as you browse through the pages of the Co-stars Character Actors & Actresses from the movies of  This Legend John Wayne with information and pictures. So just scroll

down and Click the Co-Star Box.

guns seen and used in the movies of john wayne

John Wayne used numerous weapons in his many films. For nearly every western, he can be seen with a Model 1892 44-40 Lever Action Rifle. His rifle was distinctive in that he had a large loop style lever in place of the standard oval shaped lever. His Revolver in most westerns was a model 1873 Peacemaker .45 calibre with the short barrel, his pistol was distinctive in that he used off white (nearly yellow) bone grips in place of the standard dark wooden grips. On occasion he carried an engraved "Hideaway" Derringer with white pearl grips. This derringer featured one barrel over the other for a two shot capacity. It was named "Betsy" and was featured in the film "Big Jake". Click the Gun-Box.

the quiet man

This is a different look to the movie The Quiet-man that I have done above, I contacted the author about using some of the photos out of his book called The Complete Guide To The Quiet-Man that he had written. He sent me a message back saying not to use any of the photos from that book because they came from the Paramount Studio. He asked me if I had heard of the two other books he had written on the movie, they are called Picture The Quiet Man and A Quiet Man Miscellany he said I can use any photos from these two books as long as I put which books the photos came from, so why not stay awhile and scroll down to the link boxes and Click Picture The Quiet man Box and A Quiet man Miscellany Box.

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